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Are you AWS certified? These are the job opportunities for you

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
Job Opportunities for AWS Certified

AWS is one of the leading cloud computing providers in the market today. They have got 33% Market share. This means that a lot of organizations are using AWS as their preferred cloud computing service provider. And hence, these organizations need people who are skilled in AWS. These become obvious when we look at the various job roles where AWS is asked.

We analyzed various IT jobs to find out if AWS is in the top 10 skills.

And we were able to find these roles were AWS is in top 10 skills.

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Cloud computing engineer
  3. Site reliability engineer
  4. Big Data developer
  5. Blockchain developer
  6. Python Developer
  7. Full Stack Web Developer

You can checkout the complete skill-set of each role by clicking on the Role name

Why AWS is mentioned in so many roles

As more and more organizations are moving towards executing a digital transformation project with a push for Industry 4.0, there is a serious demand for cloud providers. Cloud providers are no longer limited to offering cloud storage and compute infrastructure. New age cloud providers offer much more in terms of microservices or tailored specialty services that make them an irresistible bet.

Here is how AWS is making inroads.

Where is AWS being Used

AWS for Computing- The very basic

For the software to run, we need infrastructure or computing resources. And AWS provides computing resources on-demand. Hence, AWS is prominent in roles like Python Developer or a Game Developer as the Python developed application can be hosted on AWS and the performance of games can be enhanced by using CDN services of AWS.

You can check out the detailed skills required for each of these roles at this page

AWS Skills and Jobs

AWS in Computing- Advanced

With newer environments and demand for more efficient development cycles and low dependency on infrastructure, serverless and DevOps have been catching up. Serverless and containerization demands a deep knowledge of the service platform to design, develop and test. AWS has specialized services around it and hence as developers and QA professionals you would need to have deep knowledge and industry certainly values the certifications.

AWS in DataScience and IoT

AWS has some great offerings for data science and IoT. Right from the correct microservices to handle and store data like AWS Kinesis to providing a very efficient and cost-effective data warehousing solution called Redshift.

The focus of Industry 4.0 has been automation and connectivity and AWS sure has the services to back a solution.

No wonder AWS certifications have become so popular and in demand as AWS is no longer seen as just an infrastructure provider. AWS as a skill is now becoming a part of every IT role and not just limited to the system architects or system admin job roles.

Check out the various certification paths on AWS.

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