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Are you ready for the Emerging IT jobs?

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
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Is there anybody who doesn’t like Career growth? This post is not for you then. But if you are looking to take your next level, keep reading…

For Career Growth, you need to manage 2 levers.

  1. Being aware of the emerging jobs
  2. Acquiring the corresponding skills

Lets deep dive to understand each lever better…

1. Being aware of the emerging jobs

Growth is all about being future ready and for Career, the future is in the emerging jobs. By being aware of the emerging jobs, you know what are the opportunities that are in demand and are futuristic.

The questions is, from where can you get to know the emerging jobs. An good option is to look for job reports released by leaders in career and skills industry. One such leader is LinkedIn and they have released their Emerging Jobs Report – 2020 in Dec-2019. The report lists 15 roles which are expected to be in high demand in 2020. We have written a detailed post to map the Emerging jobs to the existing functions in the IT industry. You can read it here.

That covers the step 1. What about step 2?

2. Acquiring the corresponding skills.

Being ready for jobs in demand means knowing the skills required for the emerging jobs. Isn’t it?

And if there is any skill gap, you have to learn and acquire the new skills to get ready. Right.

To help you understand if there is any skill gap in your profile in comparison to the emerging jobs, we have created this simple yet effective Skill Assessment Test.

The test is very simple. You let us know your current skills and we show the percentage skill match for each emerging role mentioned in the LinkedIn emerging jobs report.

To explore further, you can checkout skill set for the emerging jobs.

And to help you fulfill the skill gap, we have partnered with the leading Online Course provider – Coursera. You can learn from the learning universities like Stanford and organization like IBM on Coursera. Checkout the courses here.

Happy learning!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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