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AWS and DevOps – The magical combination for Career growth in Digital world

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
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In the digital era, “Agility” is the keyword for Businesses.

They want to roll-out services faster, they want to ensure the Customer Experience is top notch and so they want the websites and the apps to load faster. They want the Customer service to be top class and for this the customer issues are to be resolved at the earliest.

All this is driving the need for automation in every aspect of the Business.

And the Infrastructure technology automation is driven by DevOps and Cloud Computing.

How AWS and DevOps Play together

Cloud computing allows the Business to procure and provision computing resources on demand.

For example, if Hotstar is streaming the IPL final and the number of online viewers keep on increasing. To ensure there is no delay in streaming, Hotstar can increase the computing resources needed in near real time. This is possible due to Cloud computing.

But before the computing resources are usable, they have to configured as per the Technology stack needs. And this configuration was done manually until DevOps came into picture.

By using various DevOps tools, the configuration and setup of Computing resources can be automated fully.

So Cloud computing + DevOps is a magic combination that delivers the Agility the Organizations are looking for.

Why learn AWS + DevOpsAnd we Job seekers are working for organizations. Hence, the tools and techniques used by Organizations is what we need to learn to stay relevant in the Job Market.

AWS being one of the leading Cloud Computing providers in the market, learning AWS and DevOps opens up a lot of opportunities to build a Career as Digital expert in the Digital world. And this is justified by the skills requirement of a DevOps Engineer

In the AWS Certifications path, there is separate track for DevOps Engineer.

It is not mandatory but advisable to opt for AWS Certification to support your claim on “Knowing AWS and DevOps”. You could read in detail about the AWS Certifications and Career path in this article.

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