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DevOps made simple – Why get Certified in DevOps

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

Have you mostly been a developer until now and want to broaden the scope of your work?      Do you also think that you want to get out of the monotonous coding job and yet stay in touch with your technical side? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, Congratulations! You are here at the right place and at the time.

The best possible answer to your question is certainly ‘DevOps’.

So what is DevOps?

The buzz word DevOps was brought into existence to help software (Dev)elopement teams & (Op)erations teams – work, collaborate, communicate without friction.

What is the need for DevOps?

As the times have changed, clients expect a continuous delivery model wherein the changes or a new functionality suggested by them can be implemented in the system as soon as possible.

The Agile Software Development Methodology makes it easier to align the Product development to the Customer needs.

But to ensure faster delivery of features to production, at the end of an Agile release, there is a need to automate the Software Deployment cycle.

And this is what is achieved in DevOps by using various tools called as Chaining Tools.

In short,

“DevOps makes the software development more agile and efficient”

And it is evident from the DevOps adoption rate as given below

“DevOps adoption has increased by approximately 8% from 2015 to 2016, and this number is expected to grow significantly in 2019

Lets take an example to understand the need for DevOps.

Imagine a company as big as Facebook is implementing new features and they deploy this for large customer base (millions of customers) at once. They will have to ensure that the website doesn’t go down due to High website traffic or High server utilization. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on their website. They also need a mechanism to detect flaws/bugs in near real time and fixing them as early as possible. In short, the need was to change the way their software was deployed.

And not only Facebook but other big players like Google, Netflix, Amazon also had the same need.

To test the software deployment effectively, to monitor the system time and again, to give the best customer experience they needed

Continuous development,

Continuous testing,

Continuous integration,

Continuous deployment &

Continuous monitoring

These fundamentals lie at the heart of the DevOps lifecycle. Hence the methodology of DevOps with Agile is the way forward.

The companies that effectively utilize DevOps principles states that-

  • 46x more frequent software deployments than their competitors
  • 96x faster recovery from failures
  • 440x faster lead time for changes
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • 2x as likely as low performers to achieve reported goals across financial and non-financial measures

DevOps made simple – How it all works.

By adopting DevOps, in simple words, the various aspects of software development like

Chain and automate the software deployment cycle

Software Coding

Software build

Software testing

Software Release

Configuration of Infrastructure used for Software

Monitoring the software and the infrastructure

are chained together by using various tools. This chaining ensures faster flow of software from one phase to the next phase and thus ensures faster delivery of features.

Tools, Common Terms used in DevOps

  Lets have look at the various categories of tools (based on their usage)

  • Tools that help in managing Build – Called as Continuous integration tools
  • Tools that help in testing the Code – Called as Continuous Testing tools
  • Tools that help in managing software package – Called Software Configuration Management tools
  • Tools that help in configuring Infrastructure – Called as Infrastructure as a Code tools
  • Tools that help in Monitoring – Called as Monitoring Tools
  • Tools that help in release management – Called Release automation tools

Why get certified in DevOps

By getting the certification in DevOps you will achieve following

  •   Better job opportunities- DevOps is relatively new in the IT domain with more businesses looking for a shift in DevOps. IT professionals can take huge benefit of this deficit by taking up certifications in DevOps.
    42% of companies
    responding to the Open Source Jobs study want to add DevOps skills across their hiring portfolio.
    57% of companies seeking open source expertise are focused on DevOps skills, says the Open Source Jobs Report.
  • Improved Skills & Knowledge– DevOps accompanies a large group of specialized & business benefits after learning can be implemented in an enterprise. The principal of DevOps comprise of experts working in groups of a cross-functional nature. Such groups comprise of multidisciplinary experts running from business analysts, Quality Assurance professionals, Operation Engineers, and Developers.

  • Increased Salary– Fast penetration of DevOps best practices in associations & their execution in the mentioned the organization is seeing massive hikes in the compensation. The pattern is seen to be steady & economical as indicated by industry specialists the world over. The DevOps certified individuals are among the most generously compensated professionals. Average salary for a DevOps engineer in the U.S is $104,508

  • The prime objectives at the workplace would be to be productive for most of the time that an individual spends at the workplace. Increased productivity & effectiveness are the keys to add greater value to the enterprise. Being a DevOps certified will help you get the job done at the right time with excellent efficiency. DevOps report 38% higher code quality production which is well recognized

How to get certified in DevOps

Step 1 – Checkout the most in demand skills for DevOps

Step 2- Checkout the top rated training institutes for DevOps

Featured Image courtesy : Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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