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Infographic – AWS Services and its purpose

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

AWS offers multiple services to meet the varying computing needs of different Organizations. Over the last few years, AWS services have shown exponential growth. From just being providers of computing infrastructure and storage, AWS has added multiple specialty microservices.

With the Digital wave that has caught up, every organization has been undergoing Digital Transformation and AWS seems to be at the thick of things. AWS service names though seemingly very simple might get confusing and the dashboard, although it has been designed very carefully, can get difficult to navigate because of the sea of services. This could be confusing for an aspiring AWS expert or for seasoned AWS users. To avoid this confusion, we have created this infographic of AWS services and its purpose. We have also mentioned the significance and characteristics of the services where ever applicable.

We want to believe that this infographic helps you guys in being successful as an AWS expert.

aws services

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Happy Learning!

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