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Latest trends in Cyber Security and how it impacts the job market

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

Cybersecurity is one of the hot segments for job seekers.

Every business is trying to reach the masses by coming online. And so it Cybersecurity is the topic of discussion for almost all businesses.

It is expected that there would be 666.4 million internet users in India by 2023[1].

With 5G just around the corner, the digitization of Business will happen even faster. Hence, the worldwide inception of 5G is creating demand for people with the right skills and mindset to protect and secure millions of devices that are going online day by day.

IoT in the devices we own like smartphones, air conditioners and refrigerators is thought of as past.

Now the businesses are planning on how can they can make their supply chain more intelligent or optimize business processes through automation.

In short, every aspect of the Business will get online and get connected. And this will ultimately make organizations more vulnerable to security attacks.

What to expect in the future

a. Cyber Security Automation

Cybersecurity is of use only if it can detect potential loopholes in the system and prevent cyber attacks. For this, lots and lots of system data has to be analyzed at speed and and at scale. And this is where AI and ML come into picture. The usage of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning(ML) is making life easier for cybersecurity professionals who have to deal with a huge amount of data. It is expected that implementing machine learning algorithms will enhance the analysis of logs effectively. The automation will help in

  1. The detection and response of an incident,
  2. Identification of software vulnerabilities and configuration errors,
  3. Providing managers a holistic view of probable security threats and live statuses of the systems.

An amalgamation of Cyber security tools with AI is the future.

b. Securing Smartphones and other connected devices

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns a mobile device. It comes with no surprise that mobile phones have made our lives simpler and more convenient. Anybody can use their smartphones in managing anything from personal to business communications, from banking to even booking a flight or hotel. 

Trends in Cybersecurity
Key focus areas for Cyber Security

But all of this accessibility comes with a risk for end users and companies alike. People use their devices interchangeably for personal and businesses purposes. And that is why organizations, Mobile device manufactures, OS providers are investing in making the Smartphones secure and less vulnerable.

So smartphones will continue to be in focus in the Cybersecurity world in near future too.

c. New opportunities with India’s PDPB

India is among the least cyber secure countries in the world. It held the 15th position in a recent cybersecurity ranking of 60 nations by consumer tech review firm Comparitech[2] .

With Personal Data Protection Bill becoming an Act, companies will have to comply with the standards it will bring forward. Fortunately, this law will bring new learning opportunities for cybersecurity teams everywhere, as it will force them to re-design the models on how customer data is collected, processed, stored and deleted.

Digitization of Business operations in India will open newer job opportunities for Cybersecurity experts.

d. Cloud Forensics

Businesses are increasingly leveraging Cloud as these platforms help reduce the capex cost, providing greater flexibility in terms of billing and agility. And so with that the User data is also housed on cloud.

As the number of Internet connected increases and the devices become smarter, traditional ways of implementing forensic analysis will be ineffective. New ways of investigating cloud driven applications and devices will have to be devised.

Forensic analysis plays a critical role when a cyber-attack is analyzed. Since the organizations are keen on deploying cloud services in various aspects of their operations, cloud forensics would be a great area to look at.

e. Securing Government assets

Since past few years, newer opportunities in e-governance are increasing the rates of ransomware attacks on government authorities. However, the same can’t be said for enterprises. According to a report,

“There is 22 percent jump in cyber-attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) deployments in the country, India was the most attacked nation in the IoT space last quarter [3].

As per the 2019 threat report from Indian cybersecurity research and software firm Quick Heal, the most affected cities in India are Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Mumbai has the highest number of cyber-attacks and Kolkata has the lowest. The trend shows that the government investment in securing its assets will increase further.

And Cyber Security experts will play a key role in the success of the Digital Indian mission.

f. Securing Public assets and infrastructure

The public Utilities and infrastructure like Water, Power, Traffic signals are also getting connected and going online. And thus become vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

These utilities impact millions of lives and so ensuring their safety is simply critical.  It is expected that the relevant stakeholders are aware of this threats and will invest in securing these public assets. Thus Cyber security experts are going to play a key role in ensuring that our lives are not hampered because of cyber-attacks on Public assets.

Looking at the efforts world is making to become secure, the cyber security field will continue to grow and offer lucrative Career opportunities.

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Featured Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay


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