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Presenting ThinkCerti 2.0 – Faster, Better, Personalized

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

We have been listening you all.

And based on the feedback and the research that we did, we realized we have to work on the Customer experience.

And I am happy to share that we have rolled out ThinkCerti 2.0.

There are 2 Key changes and lots of minor changes.

  1. The first key change has been the UI. ThinkCerti 2.0 had undergone a complete revamp of UI.
  2. The second major change has been the skill tree. To help you understand what are the top skills and what are secondary skills, we are using a Skill Tree with 2 leaves – Must Have Skills and Good to have Skills

Check out this link to experience the Skill tree


The other noteworthy changes are

  1. The UI is responsiveness right from day 1.
  2. We have optimized the usage of CSS and JavaScript. This has greatly improved the page loading times.
  3. People at different stages of Career have different queries. We understand this and so our recommendation engine has been optimized to provide you better personalized recommendation. You can experience this feature by visiting this link – https://www.thinkcerti.com/career-queries
  4. Taking a decision to reskill/upskill involved time and money. And to give you the best ROI for your investment, we strategically showcase skills match and skill gap.
  5. To help you understand the demand for the role in the Market, we have integrated the Live jobs feature

I recommend you to visit www.thinkcerti.com to experience all of these new features.

What next

This is a start of journey for us. And we have many more Career growth focussed features coming up

  1. We are constantly working to improve the accuracy of our Skill recommendation.
  2. We are working on creating course bundles to help you easily opt for courses and fill the skill gap
  3. We are working on grouping skills within the role. E.g A data scientist working in Image processing uses different algorithms compared to a Data Scientist working in NLP.
  4. We are working on our Course recommendation algorithm
  5. We are working on Career recommendation based on your CV.

As a team, we are all excited about helping you guys make the right Career move and enjoy Career growth.

Our aim is to help you excel in your Career. And we are happy to hear your feedback and align our services to your needs and requirements.

Image courtesy – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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