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Reskilling is Easy. Just Get the right Information and the Motivation

by Sddharatha Joshi

To carry on with our jobs, we need certain skills and these skills are broadly categorized into 

Core Technical skills

Domain related skills

Personal skills like Communication, Analytical skills etc

The technical skills and Domain skills demand is changing rapidly due to changes in the fundamental technologies. 

For example, 

  1. Instead of setting up a Data center for Computing resources, Organizations are going for Cloud computing. 
  2. The Marketing department has to get used to Data Science visualization/analysis tools as Data Science is getting widely used in understanding Customer behavior, Customer segmentation.
  3. Data Science is the strategy of every organization and so Data Science related skills are in demand.
  4. Every organization wants to be on top of Customer experience and for this they need to deploy features/bug fixes faster and hence they are adapting DevOps. So DevOps is an essential skill.

And this job market change is forcing professionals to reskill/upskill to stay relevant in the job market or they will be in the not so good situation of potential job loss.

We all know this. We know that we have to reskill/upskill and why it is important. The question that remain unanswered or hazy is the “how” part.

How to reskill/upskill effectively

The pace at which the technology is changing and the daily work routine could make reskilling a challenge for IT professionals, for all of us. And the challenge is due to lack of

  • Right information
  • Motivation
  • Time

The availability of Right information and Motivation go hand in hand. If the information and motivation aspects are sorted, we all are well equipped to take out time for our Career growth. If we cant find motivation and time, we will be forced to find time due to threat of job loss or use free time after job loss. Thats not where we want to go.

Coming back to our discussion, as a job seeker, if I am investing time and money in reskilling, I want it to boost my career growth. 

And for this, knowing what are the right skills to learn considering my current work experience is important. 

Along with the right skills to learn, if there is visibility about the future ready job opportunities, it kicks in the motivation. The uncertainty about what after I reskill/upskill is gone.

The effective Reskilling/Upskilling solution

With this understanding of the challenge of reskilling, we started to think about a solution. And we realized that Career guidance is the answer. 

Get the right information to trigger motiavtion

But because we are talking about technology which is changing at a rapid pace, the Career guidance should be able to keep up with the pace. And this can happen only if we also use technology to provide Career guidance.

And the result of leveraging technology for Career guidance is our product – ThinkCerti.

At ThinkCerti, we keep on analysing job openings and keep on understanding the skill demand.

To provide Career guidance, the system simply needs to know your Current skills and/or your area of interest. We then match your skills and interest to the futuristic role and let you know the best job opportunities for you. For each role, we showcase the skill gap, if any and show case the relevant courses to help you fill the skill gap. 

In short, we bring together the jobs, the courses and map it to your skill set to help the professionals figure out the Career pathways and what you need to learn. 

So, what are you waiting for, take your Career to the next level – Find out your Career roadmap on www.thinkcerti.com

Featured Image by Pavla Kozáková from Pixabay

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