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Resume Writing Tips for Fresher’s

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
Fresher resume writing tip

Fresher Resume Writing Tips

The biggest challenge any final year graduation or post-graduation student faces is about how to write a resume.
Basic questions which seem very daunting are

  1. What should I write in my resume
  2. What is a resume
  3. How many pages should my resume be?
  4. What is the resume format
  5. My friend has a 4-page resume but I don’t even have content for one page.

If all these questions are troubling you, then this blog would definitely help you prepare a bulletproof resume.


Resume Tips for a fresher

fresher resume writing tip
Firstly one needs to understand what the objective of the resume is.
Your resume is the first thing your prospective employer would see, most of the times your resume is seen before they meet you in person. Hence this is your opportunity to make a great first impression.

The top section of your resume

Resume Writing Tip no 1

The top section is the first thing that your prospective employer would see. Hence give out the most important information here. Like

  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Email ID
  • Degree
  • Certifications and specialization if any

Pro tip: Keep this section as the head section and do not use the “header” option of Microsoft word. Things written in the header section are difficult to copy.

Resume Writing Tip no 2

Your objective

Your objective is a great way to express your thought process. This also gives a great opportunity to showcase your communication skills. Keep this simple and straight to the point.

Resume Writing Tip no 3

Post writing the top two sections in your CV, you need to then plan how the rest of the resume would be written in.
Breakdown and analyze your strengths and then write the next section.
Writing a Great Resume
If you have done a project. Certification or paper presentation which is relevant to the job profile or the company then mention and detail about the same.
If you have got good marks and academics to show off how your cv is better than the competition then put down your qualifications and marks in this second section of your resume.

Resume Writing Tip no 4

I would consider this as the most important tip of all.
Research keywords for the job requirement.
A lot of employers now use resume management and applicant tracking systems. These applicant tracking systems are programmed to filter resumes based on keywords.
Look for these keywords and try to see if you have any certifications, projects or papers that you have presented around these. Try and add them to your resume.
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