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The first step to prepare for top jobs as per LinkedIn Emerging jobs report

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
LinkedIn Top Roles

In Dec-2019, LinkedIn released its Emerging Jobs Report 2020. It consists of 15 roles that are in high demand. These are the job opportunities to look for in 2020.

The LinkedIn Emerging jobs of 2020 are

  1. Blockchain developer
  2. AI specialist
  3. Javascript developer
  4. Robotic Process Automation Consultant
  5. Back end developer
  6. Growth Manager
  7. Site reliability Engineer
  8. Customer Success specialist
  9. Full stack engineer/developer
  10. Robotics Engineer(software)
  11. Cybersecurity specialist
  12. Python developer
  13. Digital Marketing specialist
  14. Front end engineer
  15. Lead generation specialist

How should you prepare for the LinkedIn Emerging jobs
From an IT professional’s point of view, these Emerging roles are a gateway to Career growth.

But to grab these Emerging job roles, you might have to learn new skills. 

And before you invest in learning a new skill, it makes sense to check if the new role and the new skills are aligned to your current experience and skill set. Isn’t it? 

Leveraging the current work experience and planning Career growth on top of it by learning new skills is a better strategy rather than jumping into a new domain where you are a newbie. Of course, leveraging the current work experience might not be possible in all cases. 

Still, it makes sense to check if there is possibility as the ROI is better by leveraging current skills and work experience.

To help you check the skill fitment and help you plan your Career growth, we have considered the IT technical jobs world and overlaid the LinkedIn emerging jobs on top of it.

The image given below is the outcome.

How to use the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Infographic

  1. Check the IT function to which your current skill set and job role are aligned. The IT function is highlighted in Orange. And the Key Responsibility in Green.
  2. Check out the LinkedIn emerging job highlighted in RED as you navigate the image.
LinkedIn Top Roles
LinkedIn Emerging jobs mapped to the IT functions

Disclaimer :

The info-graphic covers the roles and functions at a very high level. The purpose of the info-graphic is to make sense of the IT technical jobs world at a high level and plan Career movement. We do not intend to state that there are only so many roles and there are no Career paths apart from what we have shown. Please use the info-graphic at your own discretion

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