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ThinkCerti Release 2.0 Notes

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
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ThinkCerti 2.0 Release Notes- We Have Some Cool Updates

At ThinkCerti, our aim is to make it easier for Job Seekers to discover the right skills to learn and the right Training Institutes that teach these skills. We have been working round the clock to add features and updates to the system to aid this vision.
Our new release is one step forward in realizing our vision.

ThinkCerti 2.0

This release is primarily focussed on mending the relationship between Search Engines like Google and ThinkCerti 🙂 i.e. making ThinkCerti Search Engine Optimized.
In this release, we also laid the foundation of introducing features that will help Training Institutes in running their business efficiently and focussing on their core area of Business
For Job Seekers, its all about providing the right information to help them make the right decision.
The table given below gives a summary of the features added to ThinkCerti.

New Features Job Seeker Experience Training Institute Experience
Update Certi details Experience the up to date course content every time you use ThinkCerti to discover the new skills. The course content has to be aligned to the Market trends. Now you can easily update your certificate details on ThinkCerti and keep it update to date.
SEO Optimization We hope to catch you when you use Search Engine to discover a Certificate or an Institute ThinkCerti solution is now SEO optimized and your Institute profile and Your courses are in better talking terms with Search Engines like Google.
Notifications We will keep you posted about things that are aligned to your Learning Goals and Career Path Better ROI on Marketing Spend
Weekend Batches Now find Certificates that have weekend batch and plan your calendar accordingly Now add details of batches that are running on weekends
Demo Event Discover the Demo event happening for the Course you want to learn and confirm your participation in a click The Demo events are aligned to the Courses and are aligned to the learning goals of the Job Seeker.

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