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Tips For Writing a Great Resume

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
Writing a Great Resume

The first things your potential Employer gets to see of you is your Resume or Curriculum vitae. So it’s not rocket science to understand that the CV/Resume should be of top class. Yet Job Seekers do not put the required effort to polish their CV.
Your CV / Resume is the first thing that your potential employers see and not just sees but also filters you by your resume. More often than not your potential employer might be using a tool that filters resume using an automated tool.

Your Resume is the Most Important Thing

Your CV is the biography of your professional life. And if you wish it to be a best seller, you have to put in the efforts to make the biography interesting.
Show you are dedicated and focused.

Here are a few tips for writing a great Resume

Spelling mistakes

There shouldn’t be a single spelling mistake in the CV. Whatever tool you use (MS Office or Google docs or anything else) use the Spell check feature to clean-up spelling errors

No grammatical mistakes

Again, clean up all grammatical mistakes. You do not want to lose a potential job to silly mistakes
Show you can communicate well

Keep the content crisp

I have seen CVs which were 5-6 pages long full of English and sadly it failed in helping me understand about the candidate. The CV should have meat but it should be crisp.
When I was looking for a Job, I would first decide on the role/job that I want to be in. Then I would skim through the Job description of the jobs on job sites and figure out the key skills, keywords, key experience elements that the Job description talks about.
I would then update my CV to align with the Job description. I am not recommending you to lie, I am referring to bring the context of the Job requirements to your CV so that the Employer feels assured that you are a good fit for the job. This exercise will also help you to figure out what new skills you need to acquire to be Job fit and stay relevant in the job market. Explore and evaluate the best Institutes to learn the skills in demand by using ThinkCerti.
Great CV writing skills

Show you a sense of aesthetics.

The recruiters go through tens or hundreds of CVs to fill in a position. Considering the CVs are not well made, its very easy for the recruiter to simply ignore a CV if it doesn’t set a good first impression. And the first impression is set by how the CV looks. To help you with this, we have picked up 3 modern and trendy templates for you. Use our Free CV builder service to get your CV.

Show you are active

If you have participated and won some contest like blogging or learned a new language or have active participation in social causes or you have some other flare like for say singing. Do put in CV. This shows that enjoy learning new things and are not afraid to walk into unknown waters. Some of these tasks need organizational and leadership skills too.

Speak facts

Everyone works hard and is a smart guy. So you have to do something more to grab the recruiters attention. One option is to use stats. If you were a tester and if you could talk about how you reduced the number of bugs found late in the development cycle or how you reduced the testing efforts then it helps the recruiter to quantify your contribution. As Peter Drucker says,
If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

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