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Top 10 IT skills of 2020 – Based on Analysis of 16k jobs

by Sddharatha Joshi

The need for Reskilling/Upskilling is at an all-time high. And the trends show that it is moving in an upward direction.

As per NASSCOM, 70% of the Indian IT workforce need to be reskilled. On the positive side, there is an expected increment in IT jobs. As per recent blog from Microsoft, 149 million new technology jobs are expected over the next 5 years. And they aim to help 25 million people acquire Digital skills.

It can be confidently concluded, by effectively reskilling, IT professionals can grab the emerging IT jobs and enjoy career growth.

At ThinkCerti, our single-minded focus is to help the IT professionals in their reskilling/upskilling journey.

We do this by providing personalized learning plans based on their current skills and interest. We have an edge here because our software is continuously analyzing the job market and the learning plans are created by an Algorithm. So our data is up to date and covers a wide range of technologies and roles.

In short, ThinkCerti is your virtual buddy to be contacted for Career planning.

This post is an Analysis report to discover the top 10 IT skills in 2020.

Research approach

  1. For the report, we analyzed 16k + IT jobs across 34 roles.  We picked these roles based on our own analysis and also inputs from LinkedIn Emerging jobs report 2020

The roles we scanned are

Game Developer Devops Datawarehouse
Android developer Data Scientist Front end developer
Robotics engineer Scrum ios developer
Bigdata administrator Security analyst iot
Blockchain developer Cloud computing .net developer
Full stack developer IT operations manager python developer
Security operations centre Site Reliability Engineer IT support
Animation developer Backend developer Penetration testing
javascript developer Digital Marketing Robotic Process Automation
Solution Architect Bigdata developer Test Automation
java developer Hybrid App developer IT asset management
  1. From the job openings, we identified the skills. And then we found the top 10 skills which are asked in the maximum number of jobs.

And the top 10 skills are

1 java
2 javascript
3 python
4 agile
5 sql
6 aws
7 git
8 css
9 linux
10 html

And it all makes sense when we look at the research insights.

Research insights

  • Java is widely used in Enterprise software development
  • Java is used in Big Data too
  • Python is the top programming language right now. It is widely used in Data Science. Python is also used in Web Development
  • Agile is the preferred project tracking methodology these days
  • Aws is the learning cloud computing provider. And cloud computing is at the core of the modern digital applications
  • In the distributed working environment, version control is essential and so we see git in the list
  • Sql is the database of choice. Though nosql is quite hot too.
  • Web applications are a major user touch point. And Hybrid app technologies are powering developers to use web technologies to develop native mobile apps. The presence of javascript, html and css is no brainer.
  • For the software to run, we need a server with OS and Linux is OS of choice for servers.

Summary and Conclusion

The top 10 skills gives you an idea of what is in demand in the market. We could derive the following conclusion from the research report

  • The top 10 skills should be in the reskilling radar of all IT professionals.
  • If not expertise, having a basic understanding of the top 10 skills will fetch extra points to the resume.
  • Agile is used both in tech and non-tech project management. And so Agile should be one of the top 3 skills to be acquired.

If you are interested to know the personalized learning path based on your skillset and interest, visit here.

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Happy learning!!!

Featured Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

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