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Top 5 courses for Data Science – Learn from Home

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
Learn from Home

AI Specialist is one of the emerging job of 2020 as per the LinkedIn emerging jobs report. And it makes sense when you look some of the Business gains generated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

35 percent of what consumers purchase on Amazon and 75 percent of what they watch on Netflix come from product recommendations based on such algorithms.

And Amazon’s revenue on 2019 was $280.522B, a 20.45% increase from 2018.

So, the recommendation Engine is contributing approximately $98 bn. That’s humongous isn’t it? There are very few companies that have yearly revenue of that scale.

Data Science is here and its going to get into all the aspects of our lives, if we it has not already.

As a professional looking for Career growth, it is obvious that you want to align your skill set to what the Organizations are looking for. And Data Science is one such skill.

In this post, we highlight the

Top 5 online courses to learn Data Science.

These courses are from the leaders in the field of Data Science like IBM and Stanford university.

IBM Data Science by IBM

Machine Learning by Stanford

Python for Everybody by University of Michigan

Deep Learning by deeplearning.ai

Data Science by Johns Hopkins University

Happy learning!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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