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What are the Job opportunities for Freshers in IT industry

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

IT industry is one of the leading employers in India. For Freshers, a job in IT industry opens up doors for an exciting and rewarding Career.

To help the Freshers plan their Career, in this post, we will detail the job opportunities for freshers in IT industry.

The aim of this post is to create awareness about the job opportunities and hence the job roles and technologies used are generalized.
There could be changes to company specific job roles and requirements. Use the content of this article to understand the job market.

Lets start.

The IT industry uses various

  1. tools (like Eclipse, Netbeans, Android Studio)
  2. technologies (like Java, Android, Azure, Python)
  3. processes/frameworks (like Agile, SDLC, MVC)
  4. Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Linux Server, DevOps)

to develop the software.

A combination of these components put together is called as a Software technology stack.

And in general, the job requirements are aligned to a particular software technology stack.

So, as a Job Seeker, if you understand the various software technology stacks, you can plan your Career accordingly. You will also realize the skill gap in your Resume and can plan your learning goals.

The below image shows the software technology stack and the typical tasks.

Based on the software stack, the various IT job opportunities for freshers are shown in the image below. The key areas of job opportunities are

  1. Web development
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Enterprise software development
  4. Infrastructure management
  5. Cyber security
  6. Network administration
  7. Data Science
  8. UI/UX design
  9. Software Testing

At ThinkCerti, Our aim to help you have a fulfilling Career. Hence we developed this feature called Career Roadmap. By using this feature, you can checkout the skill set required for each role.

For example,

Checkout the skill set of an Android Developer here

Checkout the skill set of a Java Developer here

You could also checkout the course content of the training courses online and thus save time and energy. e.g Checkout the courses to learn Android development here

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