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What Is A Full Stack Web Developer, And Why Should I Become One?

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
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As a fresh IT or computer science  graduate one is presented with multiple options on completing their engineering completion. Unless one  gets a job offer from campus, you are left with picking up new skills to land a job.

One such option is Full Stack web developer. Let me help you understand what a Full stack developer does and how does it make sense to become one.

What Is A Full Stack Web Developer

Web development has a lot of different components which go into the mix of developing a great web app.

Front End designer who would look into HTML/CSS and the whole UI part

Back End developer who would work with the logic and the backend process and interactions with the database

Server manager who would work on provisning the hardware and services

A full stack guy is a mix of all the above. A jack of all trades who cn code complex web apps and has an eye of a designer while working with CSS and knows how to setup the server and database.

As someone has very correctly pointed out, a full stack web developer has  the keys to all the locks.

Why Should you choose to become a full stack developer

Choosing to become a full stack web developer makes a lot of sense for the following reasons

Securing your job

Well let’s be honest, because you aren’t limiting yourself to just knowing one domain and bringing multipli function experience the table, you are a valuable resource. Job roles and requirements might change in the future but with your extra skills you are always in the game.

Pays better

Full stack web developers are paid better as they are multiple guys rolled into one. A full stack web developer adds more value to the job profile and hence is paid more than a basic web developer.

Full Stack Developers Get to have all the fun

Being a full stack developer is fun because as a developer you get to see the product end to end. The front end, the backend and everything in between. This also ensures that you are never bored because you are working on multiple technologies at the same time.

It can sure get difficult at times but hey, if you like challenges then this is the place for you to be.

What Kind of Full Stacks are there

  • Full stack using PHP
    1. PHP
    2. MySQL
    3. JavaScript
    4. Apache
  • Full stack using Python
    1. Python
    2. MySQL or NoSQL
    3. Javascript
    4. Flask or other
  • Full stack using Java
    1. Java
    2. JSP
    3. Restful WS
    4. Spring
    5. Hibernate
    6. Javascript
  • MEAN stack
    1. MongoDB
    2. Angular JS
    3. Node JS
    4. Express JS
  • Full stack with .net and Microsoft server
    1. C# and .Net
    2. Javascript
    3. Microsoft SQL Server

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