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What is AWS and how can it boost your Career in the Digital world

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
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Why learn AWS

AWS is one of the top cloud computing providers in the Market today. It has got 33% Market share. And it is one of the top in the Market because many organizations are leveraging AWS services for their Business growth.

This means that these organizations are looking for people who are skilled in AWS.

In this post, we want to understand the purpose of various AWS services and how you can use this information to plan your Career in the Cloud Computing domain using AWS.

Let’s revise the fundamental concepts of AWS

In simple words, Cloud computing is all about the on-demand availability of computing resources over the internet. The computing resources are primarily a CPU, a data Storage unit and Software to execute business functions.

Now, depending upon the Business size and scale, the need for Computing resources varies. Isn’t it?

An SME (Small Medium Enterprise) simply needs an Internet-connected mobile app to manage its Business whereas a large organization might need a Data warehouse unit to process huge data and generate Business reports.
The AWS services are designed considering these variations in the Business need of computing resources.  To make it easy to understand the purpose of the various AWS services, we have created an Infographic on AWS services.

Download the AWS infographic from here

Now let’s talk about the AWS certifications

A certification is a way of telling your potential employers that your AWS skills are solid and they have been validated. It’s proof to confirm your statement that “You know AWS”.

There are 4 primary tracks in AWS certification.


This certification lays the foundation and is useful for anybody who wants to know about AWS services. The other certifications are built on top of this Foundation.


The Associate level Certification is focussed on leveraging your AWS knowledge to address a specific Business need. There are 3 role options in this level

  1. Solution Architect
  2. Developer
  3. SysOps Administrator


This is the next level of AWS certification. Again, the purpose of this certification is to leverage your expertise in DevOps and your experience of a given role to the next level and fulfill Business requirements. The 2 roles available at this level are

  1. Solutions Architect
  2. DevOps Engineer


AWS also offers services for newer areas like Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. The purpose of the specialty track is to certify your skills in using AWS services in specific areas. The expectation is that the professional has experience in the specific domain and now wants to leverage AWS services in that domain. The Speciality available are

  1. Advanced Networking
  2. Big Data
  3. Security

You could read in detail about the various AWS Certifications and their benefits to your Career in this article.

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