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What is Site Reliability Engineering and why is it an Emerging job

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

The Site reliability Engineer is one of the top roles as per the Linkedin Emerging Jobs report 2020.

And the reason for this is the Digital Transformation.

Business across the globe are looking to go Digital so that their Business becomes efficient and agile. Going Digital means using the the latest technologies like Cloud computing, DevOps, AI/ML, Mobile apps and Web apps etc.

As more an more Businesses go online, we need IT professionals who can ensure the Systems that power the Online Presence of the Business in always up and running.

In this post, we aim to understand

  1. What is the role of a Site Reliability engineer
  2. What the skill set of a Site Reliability Engineer
  3. Who are better suited to become Site Reliability Engineer

What is the role of a Site Reliability engineer(SRE)

As per Google, in Site Reliability Engineering the system operations job is treated as a software  problem. The exact definition as per Google

“SRE is what you get when you treat operations as if it’s a software problem. Our mission is to protect, provide for, and progress the software and systems behind all of Google’s public services — Google Search, Ads, Gmail, Android, YouTube, and App Engine, to name just a few — with an ever-watchful eye on their availability, latency, performance, and capacity.”

You can visit this link to know more about what Google think is SRE.

In simple words, the role of a site reliability engineer is to ensure the site is up and running. And the site comprises of the software and the underlying hardware. You could say this is the new age name for the System Administrator or SysOps role.

The point is, why give a new name to this role. The reason is the tools and techniques used. The Site reliability engineering is a more sophisticated approach to the Systems administration job.

From the definition of the SRE above, the key words are

Software and system

availability, latency, performance, and capacity

And we will proceed ahead based on these key words.

What is Site Reliability Engineering

What is the skill set of a Site Reliability engineer


The system or the infrastructure in this case could be private cloud, public cloud or the servers in data centers. A Site Reliability engineer works to ensure the systems are

  • always available,
  • the latency is within the acceptable levels,
  • the performance is as per the SLA and
  • the Capacity usage is within the acceptable thresholds.

So, a Site Reliability should have the expertise of Server technologies, Cloud platform, expertise in using tools/techniques to measure latency, SLA, monitor capacity usage etc.


DevOps is the new age methodology followed to deploy software on the systems. And hence it makes sense for a Site Reliability Engineer to be aware of the DevOps concepts and tools.

We have analysed thousands of jobs and per this analysis, the top 10 skills for a Site Reliability engineer are

#python   #java   #linux   #aws   #devops   #agile   #unix   #sql   #docker   #chef  

You can find the complete skill set of Site Reliability engineer here.

Who are better suited to become Site Reliability Engineer

By looking at the skill set of a Site Reliability engineer, a large part of this question is already answered. People who know some or all of the top skill listed above are best suited to become a Site Reliability Engineer.

Still, to define the specific roles, it can be said that the IT professionals who are currently in the following roles can become Site Reliability Engineers.

  • System Administration(Sysops)
  • IT operations
  • Server Administration
  • DevOps Professional who want to try out something new

Of course, they will have to undergo reskilling and upskilling to learn the new skills like docker, aws and devops (if not already known). We do not mean to say  that others cannot become Site Reliability Engineer. You can acquire the right skills and become whatever you want.

The goal of ThinkCerti is to help you find the Emerging jobs aligned to your current skills set and experience so that you can achieve Career growth and the return on your investment in reskilling/upskilling is maximum. And this article is part of the series that we are doing to cover the Emerging jobs in IT Industry and the skill set required.

We are happy and eager to know your feedback. Do let us know your feedback using the comments section…

Happy learning!!!

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