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What is the impact of Covid-19 on IT Job Market

by Sddharatha Joshi

Covid-19 is one of its kind events. It has impacted every person on this planet. It has brought down the wheels of the economy to almost standstill state. And this has impacted the job market tremendously. People are losing jobs, the new recruitment is less and slow.

But it is a phase and it will pass too.

Let us take an analogy to understand this.

Understanding the COVID-19 impact

Imagine a busy highway. There are cars, buses, trucks, bikes, cycles moving on the highway at a good speed. And suddenly a huge speed breaker bumps up on the road.

Every vehicle is forced to brake to drive through the speed breaker.

Depending upon the vehicle type and the speed, some vehicles got skid, some vehicles have hit other vehicles, some vehicles managed to avoid any damage, bikers got injured as the bikes skid.

There is chaos all around.

After some time, every driver checks his/her fitness, the damage to the vehicle and starts to drive again. But the speed is very slow. And it will remain slow for some time till the other vehicles start moving and the road is cleared.

The speed breaker in the above example is the Covid-19. We all are trying our best to stay healthy and get back to normal. But the speed is slow and it is expected to be slow for some time. The “some time” could be a couple of months or couple of years based on the industry.

The Usage of technology during COVID-19 lockdown

If we analyze the reason for the survival of some of the businesses, it is Technology.

People have been working from home, the internet is flooded with online webinars, we have managed to stay in touch with each other, essential items were delivered using communication tools and apps. In short, technology has played a key role in ensuring our lives are not completely in a standstill state. At least, for some of us.

And this is good news for the IT job market.

Post lockdown situation – Getting back to normal

After the end of the lockdown, businesses will want to be prepared to handle COVID-19 like situations in the future. And it has been realized that technology is a helpful tool in such situations.

Hence, the investment in IT is expected to go up.

For example, online webinars and apps like Google classroom, Microsoft team, Zoom have helped the schools and colleges to carry on with academic work to some extent. And they would want to use some of the tools in the future also. The usage might not be as high as it was during the lockdown, but the usage will continue.

The SME segment, the schools, and colleges that were not using technology or whose technology usage was minimal will see technology as a tool that can help them have Business continuity and Business growth.

The technology investment theme for short-term post lockdown would be “Business Continuity”. And so we could be a spike in investments in 

  1. Automation tools and Digital Transformation tools
  2. BCP (Business Continuity Planning) solutions
  3. AI and ML

Conclusion and Recommendation

  • The slowdown is temporary.
  • If you are waiting for jobs, use this time to polish your skills. And be ready to grab the opportunities as soon as they start coming your way. 

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Happy learning!!!

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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