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Whats new in ThinkCerti – March 2019 Release updates

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com

In December we released our Android App and with that ThinkCerti (Phase 1) is ready in terms of features. Hence,  the next stage of evolution for ThinkCerti was to improve the User experience. So our efforts were focused on making ThinkCerti faster and responsive.


  1. CSS Management : In trying to make ThinkCerti faster and responsive, we learnt a lot about the significance of well maintained CSS and the importance of the process to maintain it. The CSS conflicts were more difficult to resolve than developing some of the more logically complex features :). This learning deserves a separate post altogether.
  2. Performance Enhancement : Performance engineering is quite an interesting domain. It is software development but of a different kind, and requires a different mindset.
  3. Digital Marketing : I strongly believe that any modern solution should consider Performance KPIs and Digital Marketing pre-requisites right from Day 1.
    The solution design, the developers SOP should cover these areas. In fact, I believe, the solution architects/designers should get a primer in Digital Marketing. This will help in the solution being Marketing ready and reduced re-work. To give an example, the speed of your page and the mobile friendliness ( responsiveness) are variables used by Google to rank your website and thus impacting your visibility.

We also released 2 most important features of ThinkCerti for Job Seekers.

  1. Career roadmap

The Job Seekers can checkout the various roles and the skill set for each role based on their current skills and the area of interest. Right now, the recommendation are for Freshers. We are adding new roles and expanding to cover the experienced folks soon. The features are available in our Mobile app too.

  1. Share expertise

To make our Career recommendation better and accurate, we aim to leverage community knowledge through crowd-sourcing. Using our Share expertise feature, you all can contribute to the knowledge base of skills and roles. And earn good karma by helping your friends excel in their Career. Download our Mobile app now to share your expertise.

The key updates from the release are

  1. Responsiveness – The ThinkCerti website works well on mobile devices too. We recommend the Job Seekers to use the Mobile app though.
  2. Performance optimizations – We cleaned up unused code (including CSS and JS), optimized and standardized code and used templates wherever possible. Improving Customer experience is an ongoing journey. And we continue to invest time and effort in performance enhancements.
  3. Business Management UI enhancements  – We have worked on certain aspects of the Business Management solution for our Training Service provider partners. If you are a training institute, do signup. To know how ThinkCerti helps you grow your Business, checkout this short video

We aim to be the trusted partner of Job Seekers as far as their Career is concerned. We welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions that can help us improve our services.

Happy Learning!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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