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Why Is Data Science and Python So Popular

by anshuman@thinkcerti.com
Python and Data Science

What Is Data Science

The need for data has been expanding at a very fast pace. Every sector today has a need for data and hence it is very vital to understand and process this data. With this rise been so spectacular that there is a dramatic rise for the need of people who understand the data well and can use it to draw meaningful inferences. The drawing of such inferences and manipulation of data is when ‘Data Science’ comes into the picture. It is this modern field of science that deals with analyzing and interpreting the datasets. Data Science basically is a multi-disciplinary branch. It deals with, using statistical and computational techniques, powerful data making algorithms and machine learning techniques. Data Scientists are those people who gather datasets and use computational tools and techniques for interpreting the datasets. This is crucial as a lot of information can be gathered by analysis of datasets. 

Why Does Data Science Need Some Knowledge of Python   

On the onset of all these things programming also expanded its wings in all directions. And it also included Data Analysis in its feathers. This is helpful as we ourselves customize and obtain the kind of desired outputs we wish to see from the datasets. Out of the computer languages used today, ‘Python’ is most helpful and easiest to use. It is a modern user-friendly language that is used in Data Science. Unlike, classical computer language codes and syntax; python is easy to learn but tough to master. Though many people who want to pursue their careers in Data Science need not worry about mastering however it will always be valuable to have the basic knowledge of it. 

Data Science

Rapid Demand For Data Scientists  

There has been a rapid need for ‘Data Scientist’. In the year 2015, there was a need for 24,000 Data Scientist and since then it has been increasing at a rate of 12% compounded annually. Further, the pay packages offered by companies such as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, EY, Capgemini, Deloitte can land you 10 to 12 LPA in your initial years. Hence, gaining skills for understanding the data and analyzing it is vital. Further, learning o ‘Python’ can be helpful as it is a multi-disciplinary language. Hence, learning such a language can help your career prospects in different horizontals and verticals. As there is a paradigm shift of the industry in these areas which is still in the blooming stage and acquiring the knowledge beforehand can pre-empt the move of many others looking to prosper in this area.  

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